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Fairfield Motorsport specialize in Motorsport Travel on all P & O Ferries routes, Irish Sea, Dover to Calais, Hull to Rotterdam or Zeebrugge.  We also offer golf breaks, mountain biking and holiday packages

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Travelling to a Motorport event and looking for a Motorsport ferry on a crossing with P & O Ferry for your Motorhome, Car, Van, Van & Trailer or Motorbike, call or e-mail


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P & O Ferries offer you up to 25 crossings a day from Dover to Calais with crossings times of just 90 minutes making the Dover to Calais route the most flexible ferry route to travel, booking with Fairfield Motorpsort on our Motorsport Travel rates gives you added flexibility that additional offers you no drastic rate jumps if you arrive early or late for your crossing.


                    Kent Cottage

On board facilities with P & O Ferries on Dover to Calais offer you excellent duty free shopping, Costa Coffee Shop, Langan's silver service restaurant and an excellent Self Service restaurant and for those of you who want a quieter crossing the Club Lounge is available with it's Steward Service and complimentary glass of champagne, tea and coffee - an additional feature available is priority boarding, boarding and disembarking you first for that quick get away.

Club Lounge and Priority boarding are available at extra cost.

For P & O Ferries Dover to Calais and Calais to Dover Time-Table please click here



            Amsterdam - Holland

Freight rates also available

P & O Ferries crossings

Fairfield Motorsport offer you excellent Motorsport ferry rates for your Van & Trailers, Motorhomes and Motorbikes. 

Fairfield Motorsport your one stop Motorsport Ferries Travel Shop


            Market Square, Bruges (Belgium)

P & O Ferries offering you overnight North Sea crossings from Hull to Rotterdam (Holland-Netherlands) and to Zeebrugge (Belgium) sailing every evening in each direction. 

The P & O Ferries leave for Zeebrugge at 19.00hrs. and Rotterdam at 21.00hrs every evening, arriving next morning at approx 08.00hrs..


          Keukenhof bulb fields - Holland


We are Motorsport agents for P & O Ferries on Hull to Zeebrugge and Hull Rotterdam so can offer you Motorsport Travel rates on both Rotterdam and Zeebrugge for all modes of transport specializing in Van & Trailers and Motorbikes.  Cabins are compulsory and are available at different levels of cost, also available is a pre-booking system for your on-board meals.


   P & O Irish Sea


P & O Irish Sea offers you fast routes from Larne (Northern Ireland) to Cairnryan and Troon in Scotland and overnight and day crossings on Dublin to Liverpool.

With two sailings a day to Troon and up to nine sailings a day on the Larne to Cairnryan on which P & O Irish Sea operate a Conventional and fast ferry service.


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