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ALMC Stages Rally

Trim, County Meath, Ireland

Sunday 2nd July, 2017

2017 ALMC Stages Rally

Fairfield Motorsport offer Competitors and Spectators to the 2017 ALMC Stages Rally excellent Motorsport Ferry rates offering crossings on Stena Line and P & O Ferries.

To book your travel to the 2017 ALMC Stages call the Motorsport Travel specialists

The 2017 ALMC Stages Rally is the fourth round of the MSA Asphalt Rally Championship 2015 and a new arrival to the MSA British Historic Championship based in Trim, County Meath, Ireland just a few miles outside of Dublin City the ALMC Stages Rally offers excellent logistics to competitors running from the Castle Arch Hotel in the historic town of Trim, County Meath, Ireland


Reece and scruitineering Saturday 1st July

Rally Sunday 2nd. July with finish around 17.30 (1st Car) 


Dublin Port to Trim  (Ex. Holyhead & Liverpool) 29 miles
Rosslare to Trim  (Ex. Fishguard) 115 miles
Belfast to Trim  (Ex. Cairnryan & Birkenhead)  96 miles
Larne to Trim  (Ex. Cairnryan) 119 miles


Stena Line sailing times

Outbound from Fishguardto Rosslare  13.10 and 23.45 

Returning from Rosslare to Fishguard   08.00 and 18.10

Crossing time 3hrs. 30mins.

Stena AdventurerOutbound from Holyhead to Dublin   02.30  and 13.50 

Stena Adventurer Returning from Dublin to Holyhead   08.20  and 20.40

Crossing time 3hrs. 15mins.

Stena Superfast X Outbound from Holyhead to Dublin  08.55 and 20.30

Stena Superfast X Returning from Dublin to Holyhead    15.10 and 18.40

Crossing time 3hrs. 15mins.


Outbound from Cairnryan to Belfast 04.00 07.30 11.30 15.30 19.30 & 23.30

Returning from Belfast to Cairnryan 07.30 11.30 15.30 19.30 and 23.00

Crossing time Approx. 2hrs.15mins.






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ALMC Stages Rally

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