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Fairfield Motorsport Wexford Motor Club

Wexford Stages Rally 2021

  Wexford Stages Rally 

Wexford Volkswagen Stages Rally

                                             Sunday 17th October, 2021

                             New Ross, County Wexford

                                                 Wexford Stages Rally

                     Fairfield Motorsport have pleasure in presenting the following information

                                             Wexford Volkswagen Stages Rally  

New Ross, County Wexford

Entry Fee : Main Field 695 Euro's (Including Trackers)

Entries open 20th September

Entries Close 9th October, 2021

Final Instructions 11th October, 2021


The 2021 Wexford Volkswagen Stages Rally 2021 move a new location at the Albatross site, New Ross, County Wexford.  Rally Headquarters, Scrutiny, Parc Ferme and Service will all be baded at the Albatross

Saturday 16th
Recce,  Scrutiny and Shakedown
Sunday 17th 2 Stages Run 3 Times (75 Stages Kms+125 Road Kms)

Rally Start : 1st Car 09.00hrs. 17th October

Rally Finish : Last Car 16.30hrs. 17th October


The Wexford Stages Rally runs in close proximity to Rosslare Harbour making the

Wexford Car Rally one of the easiest of the Irish Tarmac Rallies to access for

Competitors and Spectators from the UK to enjoy.


Distances to New Ross ......


Rosslare Harbour


32 miles


Dublin Port


88 miles




192 miles




14 miles

The fastest and most popular crossing to the Wexford Stages Rally is on Stena Line

Fishguard to Rosslare which takes 3hrs. 30mins the full time table is as follows :

Sailings times :

Outbound from Fishguard to Rosslare  13.10 and 23.45 

Returning from Rosslare to Fishguard  08.00 and 18.10

Crossing time 3hrs. 30mins.

Stena Adventurer Outbound from Holyhead to Dublin  02.15  and 14.45

Stena Adventurer  Returning from Dublin to Holyhead 08.15  and 20.30

Crossing time 3hrs. 15mins.

Stena Estrid  Outbound from Holyhead to Dublin  09.00 and 20.30

Stena Estrid   Returning from Dublin to Holyhead  02.15 and 14.45

Crossing time 3hrs. 15mins.

Outbound from Cairnryan to Belfast 03.30 07.30 11.30 15.30 19.30 & 23.30

Returning from Belfast to Cairnryan 03.45 07.30 11.30 15.30 19.30 & 23.30

Crossing time Approx. 2hrs.15mins  daily variations to services on weekends


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Wexford Stages Rally


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Wexford Volkswagen

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Wexford Stages Rally

  17th October, 2021




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