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ShortRally Monteberg

47th Monteberg ShortRally Monteberg

Loker, West Flanders

Sunday 5th May, 2019


Regulations available 3rd March 2019

Gateway to Belgium Rallying

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Monteberg Short Rally Regulations

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Fairfield Motorsport together with the organizers of the 2018 ShortRally Monteberg work to bring you current information and packages to compete or be a spectator on the Monteberg ShortRally Monteberg prior to 2017 the event consisted on one stage and was called the Monteberg Rallysprint.

Monteberg ShortRally Monteberg runs in the rolling hills of Kemel, Near Ypres in the Flanders region of Belgium from the village of Westouter just 9miles from the icon City of Ypres / Ieper.

Monteberg ShortRally Monteberg is an excellent gateway to Belgium rallying, Monteberg run under VAS Rules & Regulations

The ShortRally Monteberg will run over two different Special Stages fully on hard surface; SS Monteberg with a distance of 8.10km and run four times and SS Busseboom with a distance of 8.44km and run three times. The total distance of the ShortRally Monteberg is 114.7m. which includes 57.84km as competitive sections. possible amendments to this format for 2018 - will be updated accordingly

Entries to the Monteberg ShortRally Monteberg will only be accepted through the online system the online entry form should be send fully and correctly filled and signed to the address below before the 30th April, 2017 at 23.59hrs. SuperStage VZW. Vlamingstraat 4, B8560 Wevelgem. The Organizors state that only the competitor will be held responsible to send on their entry form. Incomplete entry forms will not be accepted and will be seen as faulty. Foregin Competitors need to be in possession of a valid national licence and authorisation of their ASN. Click here to read the supplementary regulations of the Monteberg RallyRally- and read carefully

Provisional Time Table and Format

subject to change

Documentation/Administrative Checks & Headquarters : Westouter

information below is the 2017 time-table so information might change for 2018

14.00 to 14.40
Car number 01 to 25
14.40 to 15.20
Car number 26 to 50
15.20 to 16.00

Car number 51 to 75

16.00 to 16.40
Car number 76 to 100
16.40 to 17.20
Car number 101 to 125
17.20 to 18.30
Car number 126 to 150 and waiting list

Scrutineering     : Garage 'Godrive' in Kemmel, Mandesrraat 4

14.10 to 14.45
Car number 01 to 25
13.50 to 15.30
Car number 26 to 50
15.30 to 16.10
Car number 51 to 75
16.10 to 16.50
Car number 76 to 100
16.50 to 17.30
Car number 101 to 125
17.30 to 18.30
Car number 126 to 150 and waiting list

Non respect of the above times will be fined (15E per section of 15min.) The start will be refused to the crew who present themselves later than 18hr.30 hours at the scrutineering, expect in case of force majeur, accepted by the College of the Stewards.

Reconnaissance from 17.00 to 21.00 Saturday 5th May with standard cars without safety cages. Maximum 2 passes per competitor and will be controlled by the organizers. The organizers informs the competitors that the Traffic Regulation should be followed at all times, and also during the recce.

Sunday 6th May, 2018

Publication of Monteberg Rallysprint start list :

07.40 Publication 'Competitors authorised to start'

Start times for the Monteberg Rallysprint - Format below in 2017 so might be amended

Publication 'Competitors authorised to start'
Departure of First Car
Departure first Special Stage : SS Monteberg
Departure of second Special Stage : SS Busseboom
Arrival First car in Parc Ferme

Results : Provisional Official Classification : one hour after the last car arrived in the Parc Ferme Final Official Classification : 30 minutes after posting of the Provisional Official Classification. Prize-Giving : 20hr30 Westouter


Fairfield Motorsport offer ferry crossings to the Monteberg Rallysprint with P & O Ferries on Dover - Calais and Hull - Zeebrugge.                

Westouter to Ieper 
8 miles
Calais to Westouter
51 miles
Westouter to Zeebrugge
54 miles


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Monteberg ShortRally Monteberg Exciting new format for 2017 two Special Stages

SS Monteberg & SS Busseboom total of 57.84kms competitive sections

ShortRally Monteberg

Fairfield Motorsport


ShortRally Monteberg

Sunday 5th-6th May, 2018

Dranouter, Flanders, Belgium.

A weekend of action

and fun !

The 2018 46th Monteberg ShortRally will be run under VAS Federation Rules & Regulations.

Please read the Regulations carefully there is no Experimental Class listed

Cars must comply to original specifications i.e. a Ford must have a Ford Engine an Opel/Vauxhall must have an Opel/Vauxhall Engine etc. etc.

Escorts will not be accepted with Vauxhall or other spurious engines

Ypres Rally

21st - 23rd June, 2018


Fairfield Motorsport Monteberg 2011 John Morgan - Llinos Jones-Edwards Bastos Escort Cosworth L2RED

Monteberg 2018
Monteberg 2018