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Fairfield Motorsport Wexford Motor Club

Wexford Stages Rally 2017

Wexford Stages Rally 

Wexford Volkswagen Stages Rally

9th / 10th September, 2017

Wexford Stages Rally

Entry Fee for the 2017 Wexford Stages Rally

699 Euro plues 375 Euro Insurance = Total 1074 Euro

The Wexford Rally organizers are offering an easy payment option

The 2017 Wexford Stages Rally will consist of 15 Stages over Saturday and Sunday giving the competitor 220kms. of stages. 


Fairfield Motorsport have pleasure in presenting the following information on the

Wexford Volkswagen Stages Rally one of Ireland most popular car rallies



The Wexford Stages Rally runs in close proximity to Rosslare Harbour making the Wexford Car Rally one of the easiest of the Irish Tarmac Rallies to access for Competitors and Spectators from the UK to enjoy.

Port Distances


Rosslare Harbour 12miles
Dublin Port 88miles
Dun Laoghaire 85miles
Cork 113miles
Belfast 220miles
Larne 222miles


Closest Air Port



 41 miles


The fastest and most popular crossing to the Wexford Stages Rally is on Stena Line Fishguard to Rosslare which takes 3hrs. 30mins the full time table is as follows :

Sailings times :

Outbound from Fishguard to Rosslare  13.10 and 23.45 

Returning from Rosslare to Fishguard  08.00 and 18.10

Crossing time 3hrs. 30mins.

Stena AdventurerOutbound from Holyhead to Dublin  02.30  and 13.50 

Stena Adventurer Returning from Dublin to Holyhead  08.20  and 20.40

Crossing time 3hrs. 15mins.

Stena Superfast X Outbound from Holyhead to Dublin  08.55 and 20.30

Stena Superfast X Returning from Dublin to Holyhead  02.15 and 15.10

Crossing time 3hrs. 15mins.

Outbound from Cairnryan to Belfast 04.00 07.30 11.30 15.30 19.30 & 23.30

Returning from Belfast to Cairnryan 07.30 11.30 15.30 19.30 and 23.00

Crossing time Approx. 2hrs.15mins



Fairfield Motorsport are offering travel packages on their Merlin Wonders web site

to view the offer for the 2017 Wexford Stages Rally please click here


Rally Headquarters is in the Riverbank House Hotel, Wexford City. Excellent logistics extend to accommodation with an abundance to self catering cottages available in the Rosslare Strand area, high quality hotels and Bed & Breakfast facilities in Wexford and its surrounding area.

Riverbank House Hotel, Ireland


We are also offering excellent spectator packages to the Wexford Stages Car Rally

for details of these packages please visit our Merlin Wonders web site please click

here for more information ..................

Car Hire

Budget Car Hire

Rosslare Harbour  00353 876629538

General Number    00353 539133318

E-Mail :

Hertz Car Hire

Wexford and Waterford Airport

Tele: 00 353 53 9152500



Fairfield Motorsport

For ferry travel to the

Wexford Stages Rally

For excellent ferry rates saving you money to the Wexford Volswagen Stages Rally


Please contact


Fairfield Motorsport

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For packages to the

2017 Wexford Volkswagen Stages Rally

please click here


Talbot Hotel, Wexford


Wexford Stages Rally

   September, 2017


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