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Galway International Rally not running 2018

Legend Boucles a Bastogne

Birr Stages Rally

Willie Loughman Forest Rally



Jersey Classic Trial

West Cork Rally



Circuit of Kerry

Circuit of Ireland

Rallye Salamandre

Moonraker Forestry Stages



Killarney Rally of the Lakes

CarlowMKII Stages

Monteberg Rallysprint

ORC Canal Rally - FIRC



Wervik Rally

Ypres Historic Rally

Renties Ypres Rally

Donegal International

Ravens Rock Rally



ALMC Stages Rally

Harry Flatters Rally

TBR Rally



Stonethrowers Rally

Staden Car Rally

Ulster Rally

Cork Jim Walsh Forestry Rally

Galway Summer Rally



Wexford Stages Rally

Tour of Flanders

Clare Stages Rally



Donegal Harvest Stages Rally

Jersey Car Rally

Munster 4 x 4 off Road Experience

Cork '20' International Rally

Hemicuda Rally

Skibbereen Fastnet Rally

Wales Rally GB



6hours of Kortrijk


December Kllarney Historic Stages Rally






Flanders Rally Challenge


21nd.-22nd. April
5th.-6th. May
25th.-26th. May
8th.-9th. June
TBR Rallysprint
7th.-8th. July
Les Boucles Chevrotines
4th.-5th. August
Aarova Short Rally
20th.-21st. October
6hours of Kortrijk
24th.-25th. November



Irish Tarmac

Rally Championship


March 17th-18th
West Cork
April 6th-7th

Easter Stages 

May 5th-6th Rally of the Lakes
June 15th/17th


August 17th/18th
Sept 29th/30th

Cork 20



RAC Rally Championship 2018

Bovington Stages

Bournemouth MC

3rd/4th March

Bovington, Dorest
20th/21st April
Beaumont, Belgium
Mini Epynt Stages
3rd June
Epynt - Powys
29th July
Epynt - Powys
13th-15th Sept.
Douglas, IOM
12-13th October


Channel Islands



Irish Rallies


No Galway Rally or Circuit of Ireland in 2018
Carrick on Sur Wm Loughman Forestry Rally
3rd February, 2018
Birr Stages Rally
18th February, 2018
17th/18th March
Circuit of Kerry Stages Rally
8th April, 2018
Munster Moonraker Forestry Rally
14th April, 2018
Killarney Rally of the Lakes
5th-6th May, 2018
20th May, 2018
Limerick Circuit of Munster Stages Rally
3rd June, 2018
Donegal International Rally
15th-17th June, 2018
Carrick-on-Suir Ravens Rock Stages Rally
24th June, 2018
Connacht Stages Rally
8th July, 2018
Jim Walsh Forestry Rally
29th July, 2018
Tipperary Stonethrowers Stages Rally
12th August, 2018
Ulster International Rally
17th-18th August
Galway Summer Rally
26th August 2018
Wexford Stages Rally
8th/9th September
Clare Stages Rally
16th September, 2018
Bushwacker Forest Rally
22nd September, 2018
Munster Cork 20 International
29th/30th September
Donegal Harvest Stages Rally
6th October, 2018
Skibbereen Fastnet Stages Rally
28th October, 2018
Killarney Histroric Stages Rally
1st December, 2018






Fairfield Motorsport

Telephone UK 01656 725000

Overseas 00 44 1656 725000




Jersey Classic Trial


West Cork Car Rally



Monteberg ShortRally



MKII Challenge - Carlow Rally



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Wexford Stages Rally



Ypres Christmas Market


Ypres Rally Packages

21st - 23rd June 2018


Killarney Rally of the Lakes

May 2018


Killarney Historic Stages


Epynt Rallying



Jersey Car Rally



Pentti Airkkala 1945 - 2009

Fairfield Motorsport